Advantages of working with us

  • HostingTelecom provides high-quality and reliable services of IP / LIRservices. We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of advanced services at an affordable price, while maintaining consistent quality and flexible pricing. The virtual servers we offer are designed for sites of any complexity, and in terms of capabilities, they are incredibly close to dedicated machines. Our fully professional support team is always ready to help you. Our main principles are: Efficiency, Professionalism and Individual approach.
  • Every day HostingTelecom contributes to the development of the Network. We care about how the Internet lives and develops. One of our main goals is to make the Internet accessible to the user by placing useful and necessary information on our servers. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that users who have entrusted us with their sites feel comfortable and do not care if their virtual server is working properly. Network and communication channels
  • The strategic goal of Hosting Telecom is to provide a high quality service in the field of ipV4/ipv6, and to grow across the globe. An important component of our globalisation programme is to open offices in numerous countries around the world.
  • The services provided by Hosting Telecom create significant benefits for our customers.
  • We have accumulated vast experience across our more than 6 years in the ip network market and are ready to share this with you. We will help you to master the art of selling SSL certificates.
  • We have the status of Local Internet Registry (LIR).
  • IP-addresses from HostingTelecom

    PI-IPv4 addresses in the European region ended on September 14, 2012, but you can use PA-addresses from HostingTelecom as PI (provider independent). This means that you can work with any telecom operator, as well as independently deciding how you want to work with them.

    /24 (256 IPv4), GBP/month /23 (512 IPv4), GBP/month /22 (1024 IPv4), GBP/month
    1 month contract £ 256,00 £ 512,00 £ 1024,00
    1 year contract £ 256,00 £ 512,00 £ 1024,00
    3 years contract £ 256,00 £ 512,00 £ 1024,00

    Note: In accordance with our company policy, we do NOT provide IP addresses for spam, mailing, phishing, e-mail marketing. We provide IP addresses for providers and can make a Sub-Allocation for you to assign IPs to your customers.

  • Any inquiries regarding our services and solutions please send to email