Services and solutions

    LIR Services - As a registered LIR in the RIPE Service region, we are best positioned to provide the following services:

  • IP Address Lease
  • Our mission is to provide IP Address Lease to all those who need it, and in particular:
    Organisations that need IP addresses independent from their ISPs without the costly and cumbersome process of becoming an LIR
    Organisations that need IPv4 addresses immediately, and thus waiting for RIPE membership setup, and IPv4 allocation (according to the current wait list policy) is impractical
    Organisations that need IP ranges larger than currently allocated /24 for new LIRs

  • ASN Registration
  • An AS Number (Autonomous System Number) or ASN for short is a unique number assigned by an RIR (Regional Internet Registry) such as RIPE to networks that are looking to:
    Announce the IP Address Space using the BGP protocol
    Become Multihomed
    Employ Traffic Engineering

  • LIR Resource Sponsoring
  • If your organisation either already holds or plans to request PI (Provider Independent) or LEGACY IP resources, you need an LIR (Local Internet Registry) sponsor.
    These resources are allocated directly to your organisation, and you are free to move them between different LIR sponsors.
    Only an LIR such as LIR Services can become a resource sponsor and request the new IP resources from the RIPE NCC on behalf of End User organisations.

  • Any inquiries regarding our services and solutions please send to email